Episode 70: Dave Porter - Composer for AMC's Breaking Bad

Air date: 3.13.2013

Dave Porter - Composer for AMC's Breaking Bad
With film and television, as with so many other things, music can completely change the mood of an experience. Music can enhance action or drama, imbue a sense of foreboding or elation or provide that tiny extra push needed to draw a tear from a viewer's eye. In the world of AMC's hit drama, Breaking Bad, composer Dave Porter has wholly unique and challenging world to fill with his soundtrack. The downward spiral of Breaking Bad's protagonist from a terminally ill chemistry teacher patsy to a murderous and power hungry drug lord wraps up its fifth and final season this summer, and Porter has scored every single episode. His music has brought the disparate worlds of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman a sense of otherworldly and gritty gravitas with a palette of sounds that mixes vintage analog synthesizers and unorthodox instruments - and like any good film scorer, he does it quickly, creatively and with a journeyman's work ethic.
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